Bulk Pricing Solutions

How it works

We offer simple bulk pricing options for any institution looking to organise multiple Daybook Pro accounts.

Being a Subscription based service, we don't fit into the current Volume Purchase Program offered by Apple®. We do however, offer a simple invoicing solution for multiple accounts. We then manage the subscription of these accounts directly with your organisation, external to the iTunes® In App Purchase Subscription mechanism. This makes for a much simpler method of deploying Daybook Pro onto multiple devices.

All users download Daybook Pro from the App Store and create their unique account. This begins their free trial.

Send an email to orders@daybookpro.com with your institution name and a list of the usernames or email addresses for each of your users.

We then extend each user’s free trial to 6 months, giving you an opportunity to truly trial the system before subscribing. User training is simple with our comprehensive video tutorial series.

Toward the end of your 6 month trial, we will make contact with you and provide a bulk invoice option should you wish to go ahead with subscription. We then make contact with you annually to organise subscription renewal.

Send an email to orders@daybookpro.com with any queries.