Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs and how is payment made?

Daybook Pro is a Cloud based subscription service costing US$1 per month or US$10 per year. Each account includes a 60 day free trial period. At the end of the free trial period you will be given the option to make a Subscription In App Purchase using your iTunes® account. The Subscription In App Purchase is an auto renewing iTunes® transaction that you can elect to pay monthly, 6 monthly or annually. The US$1 and US$10 figures will be converted into your local currency equivalent by the AppStore. We also offer other payment methods including PayPal®, as well as bulk pricing options for multiple accounts. Send an email to orders@daybookpro.com to arrange this.

Are there bulk pricing options or other payment methods available?

Yes, you can arrange to pay via PayPal® by contacting orders@daybookpro.com with your username, email address and the amount of time you wish to add to your account. We will extend your subscription immediately and send you a funds request via PayPal®. A PayPal® account is not needed to make the payment. Find out more here. If you need a bulk pricing solution for multiple Daybook Pro accounts then we can arrange a simple PayPal® funds request or invoice based solution. Send an email to orders@daybookpro.com with your list of usernames to arrange this. For bulk pricing solutions we also offer an extended free trial period. Find out more here.

What do I do if I've forgotten my username or password?

You can retrieve these via the Web App here. You will need to supply the email address you provided when creating your Daybook Pro account and a reminder email will be sent to you. If you've forgotten the email address you provided or you provided an email address that was fake, we can help you. Just email support@daybookpro.com with the details you have and we will assist you. You can also change your username, password or email address you can do so by logging in to the Web App and clicking on 'My Account'.

The Web App doesn't seem to be working properly. What's going on?

The Web App requires a modern web browser to run smoothly. Using an older browser may cause issues. We recommend a recent version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

How do I check how long I have remaining on my Subscription?

Details of your subscription, including the remaining free trial period, can be checked at anytime in the settings area of the iPad app as well as the 'My Account' area of the Web App. See Video 12 of the User Guide here.

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

A Subscription can be changed or cancelled at any time via your iTunes® account. The following steps explain how to view, change or cancel a Subscription within your iTunes® account. For more information on Apple® Subscription In App Purchases click here.

If I cancel my Subscription or decide not to subscribe, will I lose all of my account data?

No, your account data will be stored on our system for a period of 12 months. If you wish to rejoin Daybook Pro, Log In on the iPad app using your original Username and Password and you will be prompted to make a new Subscription In App Purchase with your iTunes® account. You can also get in touch to arrange a different payment method.

How often should I Sync my account?

Tapping ‘Sync’ backs up your entire account to the Daybook Pro Cloud server. We recommend Syncing your account daily. See Video 1 of the User Guide here for instructions on how to Sync your account.

Can I Log In to my account on another iPad?

Yes, you can Log In to your Daybook Pro account on any device with Daybook Pro installed. You can also Log In to your account using the Web App here at www.daybookpro.com

I'm trying to Log In but it's telling me I'm logged in already, but I'm actually not. What's going on?

It is sometimes possible that the server doesn't end your session properly and it appears that you are still logged in. This may be due to a web browser closing before logging out, or the iPad app hasn't logged off properly. Firstly double check that you aren't logged in on your iPad. Next, log back into your iPad and choose the 'Force Login' option. This may delete any changes you haven't synced if you actually are logged in eleswhere. Next, log out again and the issue will be fixed. Daybook Pro requires that you only be logged in at one place at any one time so that there is no chance of losing unsaved data. This also allows you to use the iPad app while you are offline. An internet connection is required to sync your account and to log out.