True Productivity
Daybook Pro is a fresh new way to teach, using the iPad as the central tool to streamline your professional life.

Deliver enagaging lessons to your students and easily add or edit content on the go. Tired of paperwork? Whenever you need, simply tap a button and an audit-ready document of your teaching is formatted for you. You’ll love Units. Units are the currency of the Daybook Pro community - build a valuable portfolio of resource rich Units ready to deliver or share. Keep learning resources bundled with Activities. Manage your account from a desktop computer using the Web App. Move all of your teaching content up into the Cloud and down onto your iPad. If your iPad is lost or stolen all of your hard work is safely stored away on your Daybook Pro account.

Daybook Pro was dreamed up by teachers and designed by iOS professionals. A solution tailored to educators, capitalizing on the brilliance of the iPad while still being accessible from a desktop computer. We want to create a community where teachers can share resource-rich digital content easily. Content that’s not only useful in the classroom but also meets and exceeds the documentation requirements of the profession.

Welcome to Daybook Pro.
A Modern Planning Solution
Plan your Classes. Design your Units. Deliver your Activities.
The Class Interface
inside a class
The Unit Interface
The Learning Activity Interface
Learning Activity Learning Activity Love Paperwork
Love the Paperwork
Create audit-ready documents of your teaching at
the tap of a button. The paperwork nightmare is over.
Email beautifully formatted PDF documentation of
your Units to any email address, at any time.
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Join the Community
Create and share resource rich content with your colleagues.
Send entire resource-rich Units to other Daybook Pro users.
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Not Feeling Well?
Leaving lesson material for a substitute teacher is nice and easy.
Email a Learning Activity, and all required resources will be attached.
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The Web App
Manage your account from a desktop computer.
Create and edit Classes, Units and Learning Activities
Manage lists
Drop files into your Cloud storage